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Where Typical Antlers Are A Typical Sight

At ElkQuest®, we have taken great care over the years to promote superior elk. Not only are we selectively breeding for CWD resistant elk, but we emphasize another trait which sets us apart — “typical” antlers.

Elk antlers are classified as either typical or non-typical. Typical elk antlers are those that look “normal” — the tines are in the typical locations, pointing upwards from the main beam. A typical set of antlers will showcase per side brow tines, long and sweeping upwards forming a basket impression (sometimes called cow catchers), a third or bez (usually this is a weak point, but not at Elkquest, as a rule our bulls have long stylish thirds), then a fourth tine, sometimes called a dagger or sword. The fourth point on a well balanced rack will be the longest and most impressive point. On up there can be one or more points coming off the top of the beam. Our bulls are the classic 6, 7 and 8 points. They have long main beams and complimenting widths.

Many breeding operations encourage non typical racks. High scores are impressive – but high scores with typical antlers are striking and much harder to find. At ElkQuest we believe elk should look like elk, We are proud of our bulls with long heavy beams, with great mass and long tines reaching towards the sky portraying a symmetrical, balanced shape which truly showcases the legacy of the Rocky Mountain Elk.