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“Just wanted to thank Barry and Sharla for the wonderful elk hunt last week. Barry was so kind and helpful finding me the elk of my dreams and Sharla made it so easy making the arrangements for the trip. Thank you all again and I will be back.”

Tom G., Arvada

“Just wanted to let you know I brought home my mount from Wildlife Expressions and got it up on the wall.” It brought back a flood of wonderful memories. I can’t tell you how good that meat has been. Everyone tells you how big bulls are tough and not very tasty as well, I’ve got to tell them otherwise, this bull is delicious. Just wanted to say thank you so very much and I hope to get my son there next year for a hunt.” Thank you again.” Bill C, Aurora, CO

“Every once in a while a parent gets the opportunity to make a dream come true for their child.”

Every once in a while a parent gets the opportunity to make a dream come true for their child. Thank you Barry, Sharla and ElkQuest for making that happen this past weekend! Sean has not stopped talking about his great elk hunt!” Tim & Sean, OK

“I could not believe the number of trophy elk on the place.”

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had yesterday. Even Rosco my GSP enjoyed staying on the property snooping around. It is a beautiful place this time of year.

“I’ve already booked my next hunt…”

I was fortunate to take a guided hunt at ElkQuest in October, 2010. ElkQuest made it one of the most enjoyable events of my life.

“Recommend this hunt for anyone…”

I think Dick is gearing up for a bull next time. Barry was an awesome person to be with for the hunt and for sharing his experiences with us, we couldn’t think of a better person to show us a good time…

“…this place is awesome!”

Great hunt and great elk – thanks to Barry – he has the job I want. All I can say is this place is awesome!

Chris, North Carolina

“The trip was nothing but a pleasure for us.”

My wife and I could not have enjoyed hunting with Barry anymore under any circumstance, he is a real gentleman and very knowledgeable about his herd of elk. The trip was nothing but a pleasure for us.

“…like to thank the Safari International Club for their recommendation.”

Our August 2007 Elk Capture of this healthy 900 pound Royal Elk was an excellent experience. Barry and the administrative team were very experienced, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of planning & trip implementation

“You guys and Elk Quest are GREAT!”

Hi Barry, Sam and Sharla. Great looking at the new “Elk Quest” site. What wonderful memories it brought back of the last two year’s amazing hunts! Last year with my son’s and friends was especially fantastic with both nailing elk with Bow and my younger son harvesting both a bull with his first rifle hunt and then a nice cow with his first bow hunt just a day later! You guys and Elk Quest are GREAT!

“I wanted to thank you for your time and attention yesterday.”

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have been able to spend some time learning about a very special and unique situation and opportunity. As one whose heart is for well managed husbandry, I was simply quieted by the effort, vision, and commitment you have shown for so many years. Though the animals were testimony of an incredible visionary, I was equally impressed with your commitment to the land itself. Being an old farmer/rancher, it was very apparent to me all the detail and sacrifice you’ve made to take care of the present and future health of a diminishing resource.

Please know how impressed by and grateful for your vision and hard work, I am. Thank you again, and I hope we’ll be seeing more of each other soon.



ElkQuest® is committed to making your hunting adventure memorable. We could get on our soap box and tell you why hunting with ElkQuest® is the greatest . . . but would you believe us? We decided to let our clients do the talking. Their comments and pictures are a testament to ElkQuest’s® customer commitment and care.

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