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General Hunting Information

Reserving hunting dates:
The ElkQuest® hunting season begins August 15 through November 15th for bull elk. Cow elk and bison season is October 15 through March. Choice of specific dates are determined by the order of reservation-first reserved; first choice of dates. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation. Please take note: many bull elk, of all age groups, make up the herd. By the end of August, battles between bulls to establish this year’s order of dominance have begun. Over time, the clashes become evermore aggressive. Oft-times, tines on the rack are broken off during these violent crashes. Thus, those desiring an undamaged antler set should book their hunt as early as possible.

Accepted ways to hunt:
ElkQuest® offers hunters the opportunity to take their animal by a wide variety of means. Rifle, handgun, black powder arms (both primitive and modern), bow, and crossbow are all acceptable. Rifles should be of min. .243 cal.; handguns at least equivalent to a 44 magnum.; black powder rifles of .50 cal or greater; bows of min. 50 pound draw weight; crossbows of min. 50 pound draw weight. Most importantly shoot a weapon that you are familiar and comfortable with. [See FAQ section for sighting-in suggestions.]

Methodology of an ElkQuest® hunt:
An experienced professional guides all ElkQuest® hunts. Our guides know the property, plus the habits and inclinations of the bulls. They are accomplished elk buglers and will bring your bull within range. They will also deliver your harvest to a local processor. Trophy care may be arranged as well.

Our Trophy Hunts includes lodging and meals for the duration of your hunt.  Non hunting guests may accompany you at a minimal charge.