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ElkQuest® offers an elk hunting adventure for every type of hunter whether you’re a rifleman, hand-gunner, muzzleloader, archer, or a crossbowman. Exciting, opportunities with extraordinary flexibility to meet your schedule, experience level, and physical capability are available to you.

ElkQuest’s experienced guides will make your hunting adventure exciting and memorable, including getting you the trophy bull elk you have always desired.

The southwest region of Colorado is free of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). To ensure the highest health status of any elk operation in North America, every elk taken from the estate since 1997 has been tested CWD-free assuring that you take a home a healthy animal.

2020 Events

Safari Club International Convention

Reno Sparks Convention Center
Reno, NV
February 3-6, 2021
Booth #1377
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Dallas Safari Club Convention

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Dallas, TX
February 11-14, 2021
Booth #2229
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Our Staff

J. Barry Dyar
Director of Operations
In this capacity, Barry is in charge of the development and management of ElkQuest’s resources and oversees the daily operation of the program. Dyar holds a BS degree in Biology from Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO. Wildlife conservation and enhancement have always been a part of Dyar’s life. He has established protected wildlife areas and has been recognized by the Colorado Division of Wildlife for elk tagging and migratory waterfowl introduction projects. Recognizing the seriousness of Chronic Wasting Disease in 1997, Dyar began searching for solutions by establishing a state-of-the-art elk breeding operation focusing on the development of CWD-resistant animals.

Sharla Dyar
Administrative Director
Sharla is responsible for the daily office operations of ElkQuest®. With over twenty years experience she manages the daily operations of ElkQuest®. A Durango native, Sharla’s love of the outdoors and wildlife are a perfect combination with her commitment to ElkQuest®.