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As an alternative to traditional, standard hunting, the thrills and chills of a bull capture hunt are unbelievable. Necessary for ElkQuest’s® management, specific bulls are tranquilized and the antlers removed. Some of these bulls will be among the largest in North America and have scored over 400 points SCI-some scoring above 500 points SCI! The rack is yours to keep!

Many times these bulls are in the midst of rutting season and will be found bugling, tearing up trees, or challenging other bulls. Once you and your guide have located your desired bull, you will call or stalk to within 30 yards of him. Using a tranquilizer rifle, you will shoot the bull in a large muscle with a pre-loaded dart. In approximately 10 minutes the bull will lie peacefully as he sleeps.

Photos of you and your bull are taken, the antlers are removed and a reversal drug is administered. In about 5 minutes your bull will be back on his feet and ready to join the gang again. You take home an experience of a lifetime and a spectacular set of antlers that may be mounted in a variety of ways.