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ElkQuest has been selectively breeding CWD resistant elk for over 20 years. Realizing the importance genetically resistant animals have in the effort to control Chronic Wasting Disease in the late 1990’s Barry Dyar began developing a herd of elk possessing the rare genetic variation which confers resistance. Special attention has been directed to promoting bulls with superior typical antlers and for highly productive females. This is the place to buy the highest quality CWD resistant elk in North America.

CWD resistant elk are the only known way to combat the disease. As CWD spreads throughout the country it will be imperative for captive herds to convert to the resistant genotype. Once CWD becomes endemic in an environment where elk reside, herds which are made up of the common CWD susceptible genotype are not sustainable. The most important herd management strategy is to start converting over to resistant elk as soon as possible.

Call Barry today and discuss how you can buy some of these superior CWD resistant elk. The ElkQuest elk herd has the highest health certification. It has had a CWD surveillance program in place and has been TB accredited since 1997. The herd has repeatedly tested clean for Johne’s and brucellosis and purity.

Whether you are starting a new herd or wishing to protect your present herd calling Barry today could be the most important few minutes of your future.

Current map of known endemic CWD areas as of March 2019

Please note this map is updated continually as new outbreaks of CWD are frequently found. is good source for information.