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Covid 19 has made planning for the 2020 hunting season a challenge for hunters and outfitters around the world. Because of the various restrictions put in place by different states, it has been difficult to anticipate how our season may be impacted. Now that some of the dust has settled, we believe we can hunt in Southwest Colorado and stay within the framework of any state Covid 19 restrictions. Southwest Colorado has had minimal impact by the virus, so here’s the program.

We will be hunting on the beautiful Keyah Grande Ranch between Durango and Pagosa.  Hunters will be staying on the ranch in a modern cabin. We can accommodate parties of up to 4 hunters at a time.  If you are coming by yourself, we will not book more than one other hunter at the same time. As always, you will receive personal attention to make sure you have a great experience.

Included in each hunt package is up to 4 days and 3 nights’ accommodations. All meals are included as well as an open bar. You are welcome to bring someone along, perhaps your spouse, father, son, grandson or a hunting buddy for an additional $150 per day which will include their lodging, meals and open bar.

There are no hidden charges.  We do not hit you up with additional charges when you arrive that seem to have become standard in the industry. There is no bogus hunting license fee, taxes or other unexpected costs.  You will be responsible for your meat processing and final taxidermy work.  We will cape your animal and freeze the cape.  There are two options for meat processors locally who will take care of your meat from start to finish. We ask that you reward your guide and staff with a tip for the exceptional service they provide.

For the 2020 hunts this fall we have a few limited management hunts.  This is an exceptional value for those that want to hunt a mature bull, but are not interested in taking one of our huge trophy animals. These bulls are big mature bulls, which will be at least 6 x 6’s but don’t meet our stringent trophy standards.

We will begin hunting August 25 and will hunt through the rut. Book now to reserve the best dates to accommodate your schedule. Our trophy bulls look outstanding this year. Many will be 7 x 7 or larger with heavy beams, long tines and great whale tails.