ElkQuest Pricing

Premium Hunt Levels
Bronze $9,900 Scores have been up to 400 points SCI

Silver $11,900 Hunters can expect the opportunity of taking a bull just over the 400 point level.

Gold $14,900 Successful hunts of this class have been over 415 points SCI.

Platinum $19,900  Awesome opportunity.  These very limited hunts are scheduled after the Legacy Hunt and offer hunters the next opportunity of choice of the land.  Scores have been over 440 points SCI.

Legacy Hunt $24,900 – What dreams are made of!  This hunt is scheduled at the beginning of September and is reserved for the first trophy hunter of the year.  The hunter has choice of land with no restrictions.  Package includes accommodations in the Presidential suite of the General Palmer Hotel.

Harvest Hunt Levels
Mature Harvest $6,900 Nice 6x6 and better, having more mass and longer tines. Average scores have been 330-360 SCI

Harvest $4,900 6x6s; impressive bulls scoring 290 to 330 SCI; definitely worth mounting.

Cow Elk $1190  Booked in the month of November unless done in conjunction with a bull hunt.

These guided hunts include field dressing, and loading into your vehicle or delivery to local processor, as well as caping.  We ask that you would please consider a gratuity for your guide as they are not compensated for their hunting services.

Our Premium Hunts include accommodations in one of Durango's finest hotels.

Scores are not guaranteed, range is based on historical data.  There is no extra charge for scores higher than anticipated.

No charge for non-hunting guests.