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Colorado Trophy Elk Hunts: Hunt Levels

For that once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience, our premium trophy bull elk hunts in Durango, Colorado are a MUST! Our Trophy Bull Elk Hunts are limited in number to maintain the superior genetic quality of the herd. No matter your hunting preference (rifle, handgun, black powder, bow or crossbow) our seasoned guides know every inch of the property and can put elk bulls within range from 400 points on up to our largest scoring bull, a whopping 528 points!

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Mature Hunts - $7,900 - Bulls scoring up to 380 points SCI.

Bronze - $9,900 - Bulls scoring up to 400 SCI.

Silver - $11,900 - Bulls scoring up to 420 SCI.

Gold - $13,900 - Bulls scoring up to 440 SCI.

Select Hunts - Call for pricing on hunts for bulls scoring over 441 SCI.

Legacy Hunt - $40,000 - Each year our Legacy hunter has the choice of any bull in the herd. In the past few years the scores have ranged from 475 to 528 SCI. These massive bulls have the "look" that hunters dream about with antlers that are typical, symmetrical, wide and heavy. This hunt is an incredible value at $40,000.

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Colorado trophy bull elk hunting testimonial by Mark D

"...this place is awesome!"

Great hunt and great elk - thanks to Barry - he has the job I want. All I can say is this place is awesome!

Chris, North Carolina

Hunt Details:

Our guarantee to you:

There are no additional fees or licenses when you arrive. The price of the hunt is the price of the hunt. We guarantee we will have animals in the level you booked. If we don't, we will upgrade your hunt at no cost to you.

Your guide will direct you to animals that are in the level you purchased. If your trophy scores higher than anticipated there will be NO extra charge. Sometimes there is a possibility to upgrade on site. The extra fee for the upgrade will be determined and agreed upon BEFORE a shot is taken.

Our herd is by far the premier herd for typical antlers.

Our Premium Hunts include accommodations as well as basic meat processing.

Scores are not guaranteed; range is based on historical data. There is no extra charge for scores higher than anticipated.

There is no charge for non-hunting guests.

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